Music Machine

Regional Traditional Instruments Meet Contemporary Electronic Music

This project combines traditional instruments such as the zither, dulcimer and fife with contemporary electronic music. The sound characteristics of traditional and nearly vanished instruments from the region will be paired with new and unusual styles of playing.

(Original title: Musikmaschine)

Subject to change
© Astrid Drechsler

Students Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design
Daniel Fabry, Astrid Drechsler (project managers)
FH JOANNEUM (project organiser)

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)

January to September 2024

About the project

A kind of music robot makes the instruments sound via an intuitive interface, similar to a drum machine. Through the combination of rhythms, harmonies and typical elements of electronic music, it should not only provide visitors who are aware of tradition with a new moment of musical interpretation, but instead also grant a younger audience access to traditional instruments. Visitors will be able to create their own miniature compositions and save them in the form of patterns. An archive of compositions will be created that can be browsed through or further developed.

Vacant properties and storefront windows will be used to present the installation thus created; during the opening event, local players such as bands and music associations, students and international artists will put on concerts and performances with the music machine.