Gustav Mahler's world of songs - an acrobatic journey

A creation by Yaron Lifschitz with Franui Musicbanda, the Circa Ensemble and GmC lighthouse.

Subject to change
Urlicht Primal Light
© Edwin Husic

Yaron Lifschitz (Direction / Choreography/ Lighting)
Andreas Schett (Musical Direction)
Markus Kraler, Andreas Schett (Musical Arrangement / Composition)
Libby McDonnell (Costume Designer)
CIRCA, contemporary Circus, Australia (acrobatics)
FRANUI Musicbanda, Austria (Mahler songs)
GOISERN macht CIRCUS lighthouse, Austria
Brigitte Fürle (curator)
Celestine Kubelka (Production Manager)

Sonja Zobel (Head of Programme Performing Arts)

World premiere: 6 April 2024 (SOLD OUT)
Next date: 7 April 2024

About the project

“Circa and FRANUI aim to create in URLICHT PRIMAL LIGHT a symphony of bodies and music that is thrilling as it is moving.”

Yaron Lifschitz

A unique encounter between the internationally renowned Austrian music band FRANUI from Innervillgraten in East Tyrol and the world-renowned Australian acrobats of CIRCA from Brisbane as a scenic and musical rediscovery of the universe of Gustav Mahler’s songs. Together the Australian star acrobats create body worlds and sculptures to the incomparable Mahler song interpretations of FRANUI as an extraordinary music theatre event and scenic rediscovery of the great Austrian composer.


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Rhiannon Cave-Walker, Asha Colless, Maya Davies, Martin Evans, Scott Grove, Chelsea Hall, Samuel Letch, Daniel O’Brien, Adam Strom, Christina Zauner (Performer)
Mark Middleton (Head of Production Circa), Anna Handford ( Head of Wardrobe Circa), Danielle Kellie (Executive Producer Circa)

FRANUI Musicbanda

Johannes Eder (clarinet, bass clarinet), Andreas Fuetsch (tuba), Romed Hopfgartner (soprano and alto saxophone, clarinet), Markus Kraler (contrabass, accordion), Angelika Rainer (harp, zither, vocals), Bettina Rainer (dulcimer, vocals), Patrik Hofer (trumpet, vocals), Andreas Schett (trumpet, vocals), Martin Senfter (trombone, vocals), Nikolai Tunkowitsch (violin)
Stefan Schett (Sounddirector Franui)

GmC lighthouse

Anna Albeseder, Lea-Lou Blaas, Jonas Brunnauer, Felix GschwendtnerAmalia HerzogKsana Körner, Simon Miller, Valentin Pilz, Ronja Schilcher, Lina Schmarantzer, Elisabeth Shammout, Salma Shammout, Michelle Warner, Alma Wellenger, Ylvie Zopf (Performer)
Margit Elser-Steglegger, Christina Angerer-Schilcher, Veronika Zand, Michael Körner (Organisation GmC lighthouse)
Linda Maria Wagner (Lead), Katharina Angerer, Karlheinz Reiter (Training GmC lighthouse)

Co-production European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024, Circa, FRANUI Musicbanda and Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg,Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi, GmC lighthouse. Circa acknowledges the assistance of the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its principal arts investment and advisory body and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.