4th World Salon: “Hanover’s path to England’s crown – and into exile in Gmunden”

Aspects of immigration and transformation in a small town

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Guided tour and discussion with: Cornelia Rauh (Department of History at Leibniz University Hannover) and Oliver Rathkolb (historian, Institute of Contemporary History - University of Vienna).
Moderation: Renata Schmidtkunz, head of the programme series "Im Gespräch" (Ö1).
Rotary Club Gmunden Traunsee (project organiser)

Apart from the Imperial Villa in Ischl, there is probably no other building in the region that is so closely linked to the world history of the 19th and 20th centuries. A station theatre on the way to the ballroom of Cumberland Castle, by the "Tatort Theater" group of the BRG/BORG Schloss Traunsee, brings the eventful history of the House of Guelph closer: in the course of the 19th century, it first lost the English throne, then also the Hanoverian kingship to Prussia. The exile, including the royal household and crown treasure in Gmunden, changed the town. As did the late connection between the Guelphs and the German imperial family in 1913, and the subsequent proximity to the Hitler regime.

The subsequent discussion will also focus on how parts of the Hanoverian diaspora in Gmunden increasingly opposed the authoritarian corporative state and what influence they exerted on Austria's economy.

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