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Kurrent is a project by the Italian artist Elena Mazzi.

The works can be explored on a walk through Pettenbach. You can get a map at the Bartlhaus Writing Museum or here (pdf).

Invited to work in the local area of Pettenbach, Mazzi decided to start from the cultural heritage characterised by the presence of the “Bartlhaus” museum, created by graphic artist Leopold Feichtinger in the 1990s. His artistic work includes a large number of ex-libris and calligraphic sheets as well as around 400 sgraffiti. The museum came into being thanks to his personal commitment, when he decided to make his own property available to the municipality and set up a support association to give the museum a legal basis. The museum was the result of a collective local effort by the entire community, who supported the artist in completing the building.
Based on this context and the realisation that many activities had ceased in recent years, Mazzi decided to invite the local community to discuss, invent and rethink public space by imagining new activities, new desires and imaginative places to inhabit the village. In dialogue with the legacy that Feichtinger left on the walls, Mazzi invited Joseph Miceli (Il Letterista) to create hand-painted signs that were distributed in the village, based on interviews, workshops and meetings that Mazzi had held with the local community in the previous months.
The project will be accompanied by a publication that will be released in the coming months. The publication was produced in collaboration with Maryam Fanni, a PhD student in design at the HDK Academy of Design and Crafts, who is studying signage as a technology for controlling aesthetic order in the city.

Art Your Village

This project deals with local identities, primarily within the smaller locations within the Salzkammergut region. International artists or artist groups engage with these locations and develop projects in the form of interventions over the course of the year.
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Schrift- und Heimatmuseum "Bartlhaus"
Museumstraße 16, 4643 Pettenbach