KOKO – Collaborative Constructions on the Laudach

22/06/24Saturday, 19:00 - 21:00further appointments Weingärtner Wiese an der LaudachIm Tal, 4656 Kirchham
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Opening party: 22 June, 7:00 pm

How does community form? What does collaborative work and design mean in the region? At the centre of KOKO is the process-oriented examination of motives of community and joint action as well as the handling of nature, the environment and resources. KOKO develops a prototypical place of community creation and invites participation in the collaborative work process. Through dialogue and exchange between the local population and local, regional and international artists as well as visitors, a lively meeting place with a varied programme of interventions, exhibitions, performances, workshops and discussions is being created. For this applied research laboratory, a temporary, changeable work and action space will be created on the Laudach. The structure is intended to enable community-building practices strengthen social interaction and promote experimental approaches. The starting point for the collaborative process is the exploration of traditional artistic, cultural and craft practices from the Salzkammergut as well as stories and themes around the river space of the Laudach.

Art Your Village

This project deals with local identities, primarily within the smaller locations within the Salzkammergut region. International artists or artist groups engage with these locations and develop projects in the form of interventions over the course of the year.
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Kultur im Fluss, Globalokal – Building the New

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Weingärtner Wiese an der Laudach
Im Tal, 4656 Kirchham