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12/07/24Friday, 00:00Duration 48hGosau, 4825 Gosau
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We are celebrating an area. This area is greater than we are. It has always been there and will be here long after us. Only traces inscribe themselves over the millennia. No matter how much asphalt and we pour over it. It shapes the people, their stories values. It has its own energy: we are going into places where something major is at stake, where a slight change in the lifestyle has been announced and questioned the ‘eternal order of things’. This is where we want to dig deeply below the surface. The idea of order, before what were primarily male officials divided it all up amongst themselves. The idea of justice before we knew precisely who belonged and who did not. The idea of value that was not only defined by get something for yourself.

This project is about local identities of the predominantly smaller places in the Salzkammergut. Artists or artist groups deal with these places and develop projects in the form of interventions over the course of the year. The projects come from different artistic disciplines and take place in public space or in various buildings such as galleries, inns or private areas. Project type and themes emerge during the research phase: exhibitions, performances, films, sculptures or other interventions. Always in collaboration with local forces.

Curator: Gottfried Hattinger
Project Leadership Salzkammergut 2024: Elfi Sonnberger

Macht und Tradition, Kultur im Fluss

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, 4825 Gosau

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