Deconfining Arts, Culture and Policies in Europe and Africa

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© Ava Binta Giallo / Thierry Oussou


In collaboration with Christoph Schlingensief's Operndorf Afrika in Burkina Faso, a three-week Fine Arts Residency took place at the Opera Village, followed by a four-week Residency at OTELO.ARTmünster in the Salzkammergut region from December 2023 to February 2024. The visual artists Ava Binta Giallo and Thierry Oussou worked in dialogue with the texts of the first Writers Residency (written by Thiemo Strutzenberger and Sidiki Yougabré). The artworks created will be used in a theatre production of the texts in September and October 2024. Before being integrated into this production, they will be exhibited for the first time in the Traunkirchen Ort station building.

The exhibition can be viewed outside opening hours through the windows of the station building.


Ava Binta Giallo (Germany/Guinea)
Thierry Oussou (Benin/Netherlands)
In collaboration with @operndorfafrika and the project Salt Lake Cities – STOPs and STATIONs
Co-creation instead of colonial reservations: The Creative Europe project Deconfining Arts, Culture and Policies in Europe and Africa builds bridges for a sustainable, fair, intercontinental cultural exchange. Partners from the European and the African continent are working together to develop new strategies for creative, transcontinental cooperation This will make traditional interrelationships visible and, at the same time, create a current understanding in order to define the future anew, together.

Kultur im Fluss, Globalokal – Building the New

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Bahnhofsgebäude Traunkirchen Ort