Paths of Resistance: Route 3 – The leap into freedom

06/07/24Saturday, 08:00 - 17:00Bergbahn Feuerkogel in EbenseeFeuerkogel Seilbahn Ebensee, 4802 Ebensee
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Wege des Widerstands
© Archiv Peter Kammerstätter,1946


On this hike on the Feuerkogel via the Riederhütte, Höllkogel, Spitz Alm and Steinkogel, you will learn more about the biographies of Albrecht Gaiswinkler and Johann Grafl. Gaiswinkler deserted in France and trained with the SOE (Special Operation Executive) in England. Johann Grafl then joined him in Austria and on 8 April 1945 they parachuted into the Höllengebirge on behalf of the British Allies instead of the Hohe Zinken due to the weather and a flight error. At the Riederhütte, the two made contact with the landlady, Mrs Puchinger. They descended to the Steinkogl stop and took the train to Bad Aussee. A hiking guide and a historian accompany them on this hike. This moderately difficult hike takes you from the Feuerkogel via the Riederhütte, Höllkogel, Spitz Alm and Steinkogl. 

Approx. 15 km, ascent 490 m, descent 1,650 m, walking time without breaks approx. 5.5 hours. Adequate fitness, sturdy footwear and suitable clothing are required. This hike only takes place in good weather. Bad weather dates: 12.07.2024 and 13.07.2024. The cost of the cable car is not included and must be paid privately. 

Landscapes like the Salzkammergut are not only living and natural spaces, they have a political history. In addition to active support for National Socialism, the tradition of resistance against the “authorities” was particularly expressed in the case of Hitler’s fascism. Areas of the alpine pastures and high mountains inaccessible to outsiders served as retreats and hiding places for those persecuted for political and religious reasons. Familiarity with the barrenness of the surroundings, with the harsh climatic conditions, but also the cohesion of the inhabitants in local collectives enabled the persecuted to survive. The objective of the walks in the Salzkammergut landscape is to anchor the memory of the women and men in the resistance in the collective memory.

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Bergbahn Feuerkogel in Ebensee
Feuerkogel Seilbahn Ebensee, 4802 Ebensee