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BAUKULTUR? Talk about it!

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BAUKULTUR? Talk about it!

Spring is here, the DIY stores are booming and everything is gearing up for the summer season in the Salzkammergut. Family homes are being spruced up, hotels are expanding, guest gardens are growing and hedges of thujas are beginning to form around private homes. The team from Plateau Blo_Raum am See would therefore like to discuss building culture at the first Saunatalk am See. What actually is building culture? Who should, can or wants to build around the lakes and how? Is there good and bad building culture? Should no more new buildings be built, and if so, how? Or do we first look at what is already there, occupy it, repurpose it and use it temporarily? Is it perhaps more about culture than about building? Can art and culture temporarily change more in the direction of building culture than lengthy and costly construction can?

Both will be up for discussion, the existing buildings and the possible empty spaces for art as well as the new buildings. Michael Rieper, architect and, together with Heidi Pretterhoffer, Professor of Building Culture at the University of Art and Design Linz, and Lena Schartmüller, spatial planner at the Vienna University of Technology and expert in co-operatively used spaces, will be invited into the sauna.

Registration & detailed information:
Plateau Blo Hotline: +43677 624 824 23 (every Tuesday from 10 – 12h )

Plateau Blo

Research Station, Sauna, Space for Performance and Exhibition
With PLATEAU BLO, a floating island structure consisting of several platforms moves across Lake Traunsee during the Capital of Culture year.
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