ASRAPHAEL – Hermann Markus Preßl

musikalischer Stadtspaziergang

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Hermann Markus Preßl
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The choreographer and artist Willi Dorner dedicates an extraordinary homage to the Bad Aussee composer and music researcher Hermann Markus Preßl. In the form of a musical walk through the town, a varied insight into Preßl's musical work is offered. Selected pieces will be performed at various locations in the city. The walk concludes with the spectacular world premiere of Novelette: four brass bands enter the town from different directions and gradually disperse, after which the individual musicians disperse around the town centre and continue to play, infusing and permeating Bad Aussee with music;


1st station: Chlumeckyplatz 
Vocalforum Graz under the direction of Franz Herzog 
“Asralda” For 7 + 5 voices and Javanese gong, 1982. 
2nd station: Chlumeckyplatz 
Vocalforum Graz under the direction of Franz Herzog 
“Asralda” For 7 + 5 voices and Javanese gong, 1982.Station: Feuerwehrhaus 
Zebinger, Eiberger, Forbecini 
“So ist das Leben – Ein Continuoum” for harpsichord, flute and oboe 
3.Station: Ischler Strasse Cafe Strenberger 
Kathi Lugmayr 
Ronde 1 for sopranino and bass flutepipe, siren and ratchet 
4.Station: Roundabout at Kurhausplatz 
Demetrius Polyzoides 
LET-IT for violin alone 
5.Station: Hauptstrasse in front of the town hall 
Vocalforum Graz under the direction of Franz Herzog 
Ronde:  “I,du, all meine Gspån” (For singing along) 
6.Station: at Meranplatz in front of the Spitalkirche 
Demetrius Polyzoides 
“6,2044844017*10.23” for violin alone 
7th station: Catholic parish church of St Paul 
Herbert Bolterauer 
Orgelpunkt 1 
8th station: 
Organ Point 1 
.Station: the town of Bad Aussee 
The brass bands of the MB Bad Aussee 

Attention: There may be road closures at the stations between 14:00 and 16:00.

16:00 Opening of the Exhibition HM Preßl, Hauptstraße 51, Bad Aussee


Willi Dorner, Vocalforum Graz, Zebinger/Eibinger/Forbecini, Kathi Lugmayr, Demetrius Polyzoides, Herbert Bolterauer, the brass bands of MB Bad Aussee 

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Chlumeckyplatz (Oberer Markt)