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FOR THE CAT - speech at Scharnstein-Mühldorf railway station

The summer closure of the Almtalbahn railway once again poses major challenges for our community. The Scharnstein station cat, which lives off donations in kind and pats from many passengers, is particularly affected. That is why the Scharnstein railway company is appealing for solidarity and humanity with a big speech in front of an international audience - "For the cat".

What would the highs and lows in the life of a community be if they weren’t accompanied by lively speeches? Whether for weddings or funerals, graduations or retirements, company anniversaries, topping-out ceremonies or harvest thanksgiving – it is said that people come together through speeches.
Currently, however, the public word seems to be increasingly shifting to “social media”, split into echo chambers and private channels that cynically pay homage to “free speech”.
The “Rederei Scharnstein” – an artistic agency for speeches – is therefore being opened for the European Capital of Culture Salzkammergut 2024. Anyone in the municipality can commission speeches from the Rederei free of charge. We have already received and successfully delivered a large number of orders: Welcomes, openings, toast speeches, protest and joy speeches, birthday speeches, Christmas speeches, regulars’ table speeches, blessings, as well as celebratory words for tree planting, barbecues and company parties.
The speeches take us to both public and private places: from the community hall, to the orchard, to the living room, everything is included. The focus of our work is always on appreciative dialogue and doing things together with the local community.

Current speeches on Instagram: @rederei_scharnstein
In co-operation with the Kulturverein Schönau8
with Heinz Steinböck, Charlotte Bastam, Max Höfler

Art Your Village

This project deals with local identities, primarily within the smaller locations within the Salzkammergut region. International artists or artist groups engage with these locations and develop projects in the form of interventions over the course of the year.
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Bahnhof Scharnstein-Mühldorf
Bahnhofstraße, 4644 Scharnstein

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